Creating and Deploying SAP Fiori Extension Project

To create the extension project in SapWebIDE choose new extension project and follow the simple steps where you decide the system and the application you want to extend

After you do the changes you want, you need to deploy this project to SAP System, to do that select your project and choose Deploy to ABAP Repository, then choose the system where you want to deploy your app with the package and transport request.

Note: if you cannot change the $TMP package then you need to apply the following sap notes: 2047506, 2046730.

After that you have to create the LPD_CUST and Semantic Object entries to create a tile on FLP for this extension.

Note: If you created a target mapping with Application type: SAPUI5 Fiori App then you need the Application ID, and to get that Application ID go the manifest.json file in your extension project and get the ID from there.

	"_version": "1.1.0",
	"": {
		"_version": "1.1.0",
		"id": "cross.fnd.fiori.inbox.CA_FIORI_INBOXExtension",
		"type": "application",
		"applicationVersion": {
			"version": "1.0"
		"title": "{{SHELL_TITLE}}"

In the above code, the Application ID is cross.fnd.fiori.inbox.CA_FIORI_INBOXExtension

I used this way to extend SAP Fiori Inbox App.


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